B-7000 Multi Purpose Glue

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When replacing a touch screen of your smartphone or tablet, sometimes stickers are not enough for an efficient adhesion. So if you want to have a like new device, this B7000 glue is perfect. It enables gluing the screen onto the rear panel of the phone. This glue as a precise end piece, this needle works for a precise work. It dries in 10 to 30 minutes but better let it dry for 3 hours to 48 hours to make sure the screen does not slide. Once applied, the glues is waterproof and does not fear splash during your everyday use of your device. The glue is transparent and but you mustn’t apply it directly on the LCD of your device or you’ll damage it and it will leave traces once dried. Easy to use, the B7000 is destined for all DIY enthusiasts, professionals or not who want to have a clean and lasting repair. Characteristics :

  • Capacity : 25 ml
  • Colour : transparent
  • Drying : 10-20 minutes
  • Adhesion : 3h et définitif après 24-48h
  • Waterproof
  • Needle type end piece for a precise application
  • Ideal temperature : 18-32°C

How to use it ?

  • Perfectly clean to surface to glue
  • Put the glue around the screen
  • Never apply glue on the LCD or you’ll damage it
  • Put the screen on the LCD and wait

Compatible :

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
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